When we pivot we actively seek a fresh perspective, discover a new path and take committed action.

Pivot: a sudden shift or change in direction

Energetics: The study of energy transformation

The LifeLine Technique® allows a pivot by inspiring a new way of seeing and being in the world.

During a LifeLine® session, you are invited to begin a dialog with shadowed aspects of self. Using muscle reflex testing or kinesiology, we open up a line of communication between the subconscious reactive mind and the conscious choosing mind.

It’s right here where the two minds collide that we hit pay dirt.

Certified LifeLine® Practitioner

Rhonda Purvis

I’m basically a tour guide. We go spurlunking into your subconscious minds’ unprocessed reactive emotions. We process emotions stuck in shadow and bridge the gap between the subconscious and conscious minds with love. Love is the drug.

These reactive patterns of emotion once processed can lose their charge. We are afforded the opportunity to recapture energy sacrificed to old stories we have been telling ourselves. We are empowered, through insight, to reclaim our ability to choose how we show up and how we respond to life’s challenges.

You can find me at Hearts & Sol Wellness on Oak Island, or click here to contact me for a session now!

The LifeLine Technique® works with the power of intention but goes beyond a mere surface application.

During a session we process, (witness or feel) reactive patterns of emotions that are in resistance to our conscious choosing minds objectives.

The LifeLine® is energy mind medicine. This is a consciousness raising modality. We raise consciousness by raising frequency. We use the incredible transformative power of infinite love and gratitude. By literally flooding the entire electro-magnetic field of the body with the power of infinite love and gratitude, we raise the frequency of our light bodies which in turn effects every cell and every system of our human form.

Everything is frequency first, so we start at the beginning.

Choice centers on how we respond to life’s conditions. Choice is limitless, creative and flexible. Getting to know oneself, in a full spectrum way through experiencing the LifeLine® technique is invaluable.

Are you ready to pivot?

Are you ready to choose?