The Lifeline Technique®

We recommend a package of five sessions to start. After the initial sessions we meet for an overview of the aspects of perception, health, and/or your responses to life’s challenges, and how these aspects have changed. The overview will provide insights on how to proceed.

Contact me via email for a call back to set an appointment. The first session generally runs a little longer as there are some teaching points or training wheels we put into place, so carve out around 2 hours.

An individual session runs $111. I also offer a beginners discounted package of five sessions at 20% off which works out to be 5 sessions for the price of 4.

We can run LifeLine® sessions in person or virtually via Zoom, on individuals, couples or groups.

Visit The Lifeline Center for extensive Information about Dr Darren Weissman, founder and creator of LifeLine® plus you can see tons of testimonials.